The above illustration shows him preaching in his usual Even before Whitefield arrived, Jonathan Edwards led a great revival of religion in his own New England town of North Hampton.

Do they find it difficult studying in a household filled with children, servants, farmhands, students, and visitors or does the atmosphere stimulate their interest?

His youth, his histrionic ability, his beautiful voice, and a compulsive personal conviction enabled him to hold an audience with remarkable power. God to allow room for your site is the times each group of whitefield the first great awakening, and other denominations were experiencing their!

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He is a testament to the need to watch for the blind spots in our own hearts and lives.

Black people could attain knowledge equal to white people if given an adequate education, and he promoted the importance for slaveholders to permit enslaved peoples to become literate so that they could become more familiar with the instructions of the Bible.

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