Distribution and control of prescription medications in a health department, indigent health care clinic, federally qualified health center or family planning clinic shall be under the supervision of a pharmacist in charge.

Documenting the delivery of care, communications with other involved healthcare providers and other appropriate documentation and records as required.

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ADDITIONAL DOCUMENTS: Where a person is the sole legal guardian following the death of another guardian, the following supporting documents must be submitted to the Passport Service along with the passport application.

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Labeling shall also include the expiration date of the drug supply.

The court may adjourn the hearing from time to time for proper cause.

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This term is also used to describe components classified as cancer chemotherapeutic, carcinogenic, mutagenic, or antineoplastic.

Providing drug test falsification equipment is a Class A misdemeanor.

Accept or transcribe an oral order or telephone prescription. This paragraph does not provide prescriptive authority to a pharmacist.

II or in the usual consecutively numbered prescription file for noncontrolled substances.

The agency also provides education and counseling to assist the adoptive parents in becoming ready for the child and providing a good, nurturing home for the child.


SPECIAL PERMITS There are several permits issued regularly by the Division which require submission of application forms or petitions endorsed by the municipal clerk and the chief of police of the municipality in which the event is to be held.

Staff supporting EDS set up can be scheduled for a separate shift to overlap with the first shift to allow for additional staffing during the first operational period.

DNA samples, SLED must coordinate with any law enforcement agency obtaining a DNA sample to determine whether a DNA sample from the person under lawful custodial arrest has been previously obtained and is in the State DNA Database.

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