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Where a contract is voidable and the party entitled to avoid it decides to do so by rescinding it, he must restore any benefit which he might have received from the other party.

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It is thus important for those dealing with the company to know how much of its assets are subjected to charges or actually charged.

He did not mention that any delay in delivering the sewing machine would result in damages for the business of the tailor as he had planned to do good business at the place proposedwhere a festival was to be held.

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Conservation, therefore, looks primarily to the future: to the need to limit consumption now to have resources available for tomorrow.

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Since then, the pilot has extended for an additional two years, arguably becoming their most successful programme to date.

Promissory notes on a wagering contract While a wagering contract is void ab initio, it is but automatic that a promissory note given out of a wagering contract is not enforceable by way of a suit.

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AFFIDAVIT An affidavit is a written statement used mainly to support certain applications and in some circumstances as evidence in court proceedings.


Negotiable Instrument Act Pdf For Ipcc: All the Stats, Facts, and Data You'll Ever Need to Know

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