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Teachers can use this activity to introduce students to graphing by having students work in groups to determine the equations of multiple graphs and compare similar graphs with other groups.

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Teaching students to use and compare multiple strategies requires knowledge of many strategies, as well as alternative strategies that may be less obvious.


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You can evaluate the expression by substituting values for the variables in the expression and then performing the operations.

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The goal in teaching alternative strategies is not to have students master all strategies, such as pan balances and algebra tiles.

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One randomized controlled trial that meets WWC group design standards without reservations found that solved problems had negative effects on conceptual and procedural knowledge.

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Roll a number cube six times to establish values for each of the variables.

The Valentine problem and its variations in this lesson would also be a good initial task.

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Evaluating Algebraic Expressions Task Cards Digital Math.

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Teachers can use this resource as a lab or a lesson as an introduction to rational functions.

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Please note that the problems require an understanding of integer operations, find the answer to the following multi operation mathematical expression by connecting the A student will lead the prayer.

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