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You have two options for freezing panes in Excel. Choose the location of where to save the file. Ready to get to work?



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How to unfreeze rows and columns in Google Docs spreadsheet? Use cookies for columns or column. Freezing a row or column is an action that locks the selected lines but only from a UI perspective.

If you are a student and are preparing to graduate from GC, or will be withdrawing, or if you are an employee and will be leaving employment with GC, you can download the content of your Goshen College Google Apps account.

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The links in the navigation pane can help you find your documents easily.

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Press Enter or Tab to see your result: Share and collaborate Take advantage of the collaborative features of Google Spreadsheets by sharing your spreadsheet with others.

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Google Sheets saves the day: Add a comment to start a discussion regarding a particular cell, where other users will have the ability to reply to the comment, mark it as resolved or clear it when it is not longer legitimate.

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A Beginner's Guide to Google Spreadsheet Freeze Columns

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